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Welcome To Sweet Fantasy Fan Club. This is the place where you'll get to enjoy works of art in the field of literature by our very own Author Geofrey Mbosoli. This site is specifically made for all fans as you will get exclusive contents and get previews of the books he has written.

You can get access to the previews of the books by simply going to the Book Preview area and click on one of the book links and you'll directly be taken to a particular chapter preview

For an easy navigation all the contents related to the books have been put into Sweet Fantasy Wiki so as to help you get the information in one area.

You can communicate with other in the forum area where you'll get to share ideas on several topics on discussion or start your very own discussion.

There are several groups on the site which are dedicated to the individual book series. joining one of the group will give you a chance to review the story concerned or add up cool ideas that might eventually end up in one of the stories.

Feel free to navigate around the site as the more you do the more you discover. I wish you a great time.

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SFN Weekly Chart

Welcome to SFN Weekly Chart. This is a special chart which ranks the Sweet Fantasy Books according to the votes and comments they receive each week and as of 25th January 2014 Stars Eighteen: Book One holds the number one spot for a thirty fifth week

WEEK OF 25/01/2014-31/01/2014

This Week

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Weeks on Chart

Book Title




Stars Eighteen: Book One




Dragon Kid: Forces Duel




High School Gossip : Season One




Dragon Kid: Dragon Awakens




Pop Princess: Sparkle In The Wind Vol. 2


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The Ultimate Ninjas</a><br> by <a href='/profile/kingmbosoli/'>kingmbosoli</a>
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If you love earth, water, fire or air...then you are at the right place as the Akinawa and Yujitsu warriors are waiting for you
Dragon Kid</a><br> by <a href='/profile/kingmbosoli/'>kingmbosoli</a>
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Fan of flight and dragons...welcome aboard
High School Gossiper</a><br> by <a href='/profile/kingmbosoli/'>kingmbosoli</a>
Members: 2
This group is for all those who love High School Gossip and all it's drama. If you think you know how to gossip be sure to be here
Pop Princess Fans</a><br> by <a href='/profile/kingmbosoli/'>kingmbosoli</a>
Members: 1
This Group is dedicated to all those fans of Pop Princess
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